Distemper Notice!

Posted on Oct 19, 2021

Distemper Notice

Distemper is very infectious.  Please be aware of your surroundings if you are walking your dog or dealing with raccoons in your backyard. 

Signs of distemper in the local wildlife (raccoons) have been noticed. Distemper is a highly contagious and serious viral disease found in pets and other wildlife, such as foxes, raccoons, skunks, coyotes, wolves, mink and ferrets. It attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems. It is often mistaken for rabies.

Signs include but are not limited to:
• Lethargy and loss of appetite
• Vomiting and diarrhea; sometimes bloody
• Watery to pus-like eye discharge
• Fever
• Circling behavior
• Head tilt
• Muscle spasms/convulsions
• Seizures
• Partial or complete paralysis
• Hard pad disease

There is no cure for the disease, however the spread of it can be prevented by picking up after your pets, keeping pet cats inside, and ensuring your pets are up to date on their distemper/parvo vaccines. You can talk to your local vet about getting it, or there are low-cost vaccine clinics available. You can also purchase the vaccine to administer it to your pet yourself at Farm and Fleet.

Please call/text Sara Oberheim at 224-280-1224 if you see an animal exhibiting any of the above symptoms.

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