Lake Closing Update!

Posted on Sep 26, 2018

Lake Closing Update 9/26/18
We will continue to follow the Board approved Lake Testing Protocols.

Due to the results of the water samples from September 11, 2018, the lake was closed to all activity. The highest results came back at 3,300 ng/mL for Microcystins/nodularins and .08 ng/mL detected in open water for Saxitoxin. This is a very high level.

We continue to monitor the lake conditions on a daily basis. As of Monday morning, there was still a very visible presence of blue green algae. We anticipate that conditions will start improving with the rain and cooler weather. Please remember that there is no set timetable on when or how much we will improve. The plan is to test on Monday, October 1, 2018 if the conditions indicate that the blue green algae is not visibly present.

It will normally take 2 – 3 days after the samples are taken to get the results. The samples are overnighted to the lab. The lab will contact Candlewick as soon as the results are in. Please watch the sunshine sign/ Candlewick website and for future e-blasts for the results.

Use of the lake for any purpose is always at one’s own risk.