Lake Treatment – possible delay!

Posted on Apr 18, 2018

Lake Treatment – possible delay

The cold weather has caused a change in the growth pattern of the plants.
The lake treatment may be delayed by a few days.
The lake restrictions will remain in effect from 4/20/18.

Lake Restriction Notice – April 20, 2018
The following restrictions will be enforced until further notice.  These restrictions are in place to get the best results for our money while trying to get rid of the milfoil.

  • Water must not be used for irrigation until released from Clarke Aquatics to do so.  Do not use the treated lake water to irrigate your lawn, flowers, or gardens. 
  • Residents/Owners are not to remove the weeds by raking, skimming, cutting or pulling plants from their shoreline until Clarke gives us the ok to do so.  There will be fines assessed if someone is found raking, skimming, or cutting the shoreline weeds.  We have been advised by Clarke to not allow this until they tell us it is ok.  We do not want to compromise the treatment.  We will advise all residents when they have the ok to proceed with any sort of weed removal at their property.