Photo Contest

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Rules & Prizes
Email photo(s) to

Please submit photos of residents enjoying what CWL has to offer, such as fishing, boating, the dog park or ball fields, riding bikes or walking the Witt Trail.

Put your imagination to work.

1. Photo must not be published, previously or in the future, in a non-CWL publication

2. Need to title the photo (Identify activity and/or location)

3. Photos can be of events/activities throughout CWL, nature photos, action photos, etc. As long as the photo promotes CWL it can be entered. Just use your imagination.

4. Include names of any people in the photo (if known)

5. Include photographer’s name, street address, and telephone number and/ or e-mail address with each entry. Photo credit will be used if published in a CWL publication

6. All submitted photos become the property of the Candlewick Lake Association

7. All photos need to be submitted by March 15th (1st quarter), June 15th (2nd quarter), September 15th (3rd quarter) and December 15th (4th quarter)

8. Judging of photos will take place online.

9. Winners will be announced and published in the CWL newspaper. Announcements may be posted on any other CWL media.

10. Contest is sponsored by the CWL Communications Commission.

11. Email photo to

Get your cameras ready and good luck to all who enters.

 There will be one winner who will receive a $25.00 prize.