Public Safety

Public Safety

Gated Communities are designed to offer privacy and security. One of the benefits of living in a gated community is controlled entry.

At Candlewick Lake you will experience increased security because access is limited to residents and verified guests at our manned East and West Entry Gates.

Because access is limited, there is less opportunity for unwanted visitors and solicitors to enter our community.

The safety of the people living here is among the responsibilities of the Public Safety Officers who man these gates and additional Officers who provide 24 hour security as they patrol our streets and protect our residents, resources and amenities.

We also have dedicated Lake Officers who protect and patrol the Association’s marinas, private and public docks, lake front property, lake shore parks and loading docks.

They help boaters and other individuals on and around the lake who have questions or need assistance.

They also report the lake conditions, water level, the numbers and types of fish being caught and report the data to the Lake Management Committee for our yearly fish restocking program.

Our Public Safety Officers provide a safer environment for all, both on and off the lake.



There are three Entrance/Exit Gates to our community East Gate, West Gate, and South Gate. While anyone may exit at any of the gates, Visitor Entry is controlled.

Visitors must stop at one of the manned gate Buildings to allow Public Safety Officers to verify they are on the resident’s visitor list.

At the manned gate locations, there is a separate gate (to the right of the visitor gate) through which residents may enter.

As a member in good standing in the community, residents may obtain C-passes at the Administration office that are affixed to their auto windshields. As the resident’s auto approaches the gate, the scanner reads the C-pass and the gate automatically opens, to allow easy access.

East Gate 2

East Gate - Rt 76

Is the main entrance to Candlewick Lake and is located on Rt 76. Access through this gate is available 24 hours a day.

Residents will also find an electronic Sunshine board at this gate to keep them apprised of current activities. A second Sunshine Board is also located at the West Gate.

West Gate 2

West Gate - Caledonia Road

Is located off of Caledonia Road. While residents have 24-hour access through the use of their C- pass, this entrance provides limited access to Visitors.

Monday – Friday - 2 pm - 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday - 12 pm – 8 pm

South Gate 2

South Gate - Dawson Lake Road

Is located off of Dawson Lake Road. Only residents with a C- pass may enter through this gate.
No Uber, Lyft (ride shares), Deliveries, or Large Trucks through this gate.